I’ve been slow to warm up to Paramore, but this song might have got me.

Listen to that cadence in the pre-chorus hook! Reminds me of 90s pop is such a good way. And seriously, Haley Williams vocals are so expressive - a bit of joy and a bit of bite here! 

Makin’ moves

I made some big changes in my life recently. Frustrated with the emotional isolation and financial struggles that seemed to plague my life as a grad student, I decided to get a job, move closer to my family, establish some stability in my life, and ultimately, position myself to be able to volunteer more and get involved in things that help my community.

One thing that I knew at the beginning of this process is that if I could not find a way to be involved and contribute to my community, is that the same isolation I felt in grad school would recapitulate in my “new” life. I was depressed and felt disconnected from the communities raised me and which I valued ethically and morally. This summer, I’m making moves. Putting my money (read: my actions, my energy, my time) where my mouth is.

My first project is based in my workplace and will, I hope, result in making life a little better for dogs and cats at my local animal shelter. The project is in the planning stages now, but I am excited about seeing this come to fruition.

The idea behind improv is that the actors suspend their judgment to create something of value for themselves and for the audience with whom they share the scene. “Yes, and” gives actors the freedom to do this. If we say “Yes, and” to ideas as they are given to us, we establish an environment where those around us are not afraid of failure. We have opened up the opportunity for full creative potential. The creation and ideation process becomes one where ideas flow uninhibited without the fear of being turned away or judged. Every idea is collected and becomes an option and a starting point, with filtering of ideas coming at a later time. It allows us to suspend judgment and be surprised at the offers we may receive during this process.

Heather Wydeven for "Yes, and" the Improv of UX | UX Magazine

Curbing judgement during ideation.

At present, content on the iPhone feels trapped inside of it most of the time, giving us less of a sense that what we’re interacting with is real. A UI that feels like it sits on the surface of a device and that has responsive animations that are convincing to the touch can allow users to feel a more tactile and real connection to their content, and that’s important.